University of Lapland

Currently studying a master’s program in fine arts education

Karelia University of Applied Sciences

Degree program in design, line of graphic design.
Ready in 2015

Joensuu High School

High school diploma in fine arts, grade 5/5
Ready 2011


Joensuu Artists’ Association, artist member
Illustrators Association, full member


Group exhibition Play & Way

Art education students’ art production course’s final exhibition in Arktikum, Gallery Valo (Light), Rovaniemi. 5.5.–29.5.2022

Feet and Toes

Works made with different techiques representing the meaning of feet in Gallery Kopio at the University of Lapland, Rovaniemi. From October 19 to November 4. 2021

Under and over the water

Carborundum prints in the window gallery of the Joensuu Artists’ Association from 1 May to 31 May 2021

Group exhibition Try once more!

Prints from the course in experimental printmaking at the University of Lapland in Rovaniemi from 8 December 2020 to 28 January 2021

Family treasure on display

Works by Vilho Askola and Rosa Kansala at the Kaamos Gallery in Kuusamo House, Kuusamo, June 1–30, 2020


Artwork about animals and people at the Joensuu Artists’ Association Gallery Kohina (Koskikatu 1) 28.10. – 16.11.2019

Jan the Polar Bear

Children’s story and its watercolor illustrations as an exhibition in the lower lobby of the Joensuu Main Library 10–31 December 2018

Group exhibition Aquarelle NOW

Participation in Video Projection of Watercolor Art at Ahjo Art Center, Joensuu 27.9. – 25.11.2018

Joint Exhibition Cat and Mouse

Joint exhibition with visual artist Sannimarianne at Hyve & Pahe café in Joensuu 01. – 30.11.2017


Exhibition in connection with the Pop-up Theater in Joensuu Kauppakatu 23 (Torin Helmi) 11.02. – 09.04.2017


I have been an entrepreneur since 2015. My job includes graphic design, layout, illustration and custom art. My clients are small and medium-sized businesses, associations and individuals. I have also worked as a freelancer for the advertising agency Luotoluoto Oyas a graphic designer and decorator for advertisement videos.

Artistic background

Fine art has been my hobby since childhood. I have acquired skills through my design studies and by studying independently. I use multiple different medias from oil painting to ceramics. My favorite tools are pencils, watercolors and colored pencils. My style is figurative and sometimes very meticulous, but I am open to other means of expression as well.

Public works of art

Saari secondary school 2020, with an artist group

We planned and fulfilled a small separate space for calming down with nature-themed paintings on the walls. My main responsibility was the planning and making a led-lit starry sky painting on the ceiling with Carita Sulkava and the vocational school Redu.

Kiela city block, 2020, with an artist group

We planned and fulfilled nature-themed paintings on the walls of a parking lot situated in the center of Rovaniemi. The working team consisted of students from the facility of arts (University of lapland) and the project was sequel to a similar project started a few years earlier.

Joensuu Central Hospital 2019

I made two big acrylic paintings for the childrens’ new hospital wing in Joensuu. The other also featured LED lights. The project was funded by Sydänlapset ja -aikuiset ry – a Finnish heart foundation. One of the works was placed in the ceiling and the other on a wall. The art is meant to give children something nice to look at while they’re being treated or examined.

Joensuu Kuntokeidas 2016 (sports center)

A caricature portrait of bowler Mikko Hirvonen is hung on the wall of a fitness center in Joensuu. The work was commissioned by Susirajan Urheilutoimittajat ry.

Examples of illustrations

Illustration for a TV-production, 2022

Two book cover illustrations fot a TV series published by Yellow Film & TV.

Illustration for an election campaign 2019

Illustration to cover the campaign car and other materials.

Short story collection Smiling Esmeralda 2016

Layout, graphic graphic design and illustrations of Kepa Tromp’s collection of short stories

Kuusamo music camp 2016-2019

Annually renewed illustrations for websites, advertising posters and newspaper ads

Something else about me

I play a bit of double bass, cello and piano. I also love singing. My favourite sport is climbing, and I also do some sewing. Sometimes I am inspired to write songs, poems, and small stories that often become the subjects of my artwork as well.